Construction Update #1

Construction Update #1

We’re a little over 60 days from the opening of Chisel and the space is taking shape.  Walls are up.  Paint is being splashed on walls.  There’s a bar to belly up to (but no nitro coffee or beer…yet).

Here’s some photos (and some explanations).

This is the lobby and waiting area as you enter Chisel. 

Conference Room Zulu (the Executive Conference Room).   What’s missing?  Glass walls.  (Well, and a floor and ceiling too).

A view from the waiting area looking into the Flex Desk area.  

Someday, Chiselers will check mail and pickup packages here.  

Flex Desks will be in this open area, as well as the Quiet Room to the left. 

A better view of the future Quiet Room. 

A view from one of the Private Offices.  (The giant white foam board is optional for future occupants).

A view of the Flex Desk Area, Quiet Room, Library, and Private Telephone Rooms.  The last Telephone Room will double as a Lactation Room.

A closer view of the Private Telephone Rooms.  Note the glass used for interior walls in the Flex Desk area — we wanted to maximize light throughout the space.  There’s very few places in Chisel that won’t have access to natural light. 

The kitchen and bar area.  AKA future site of Chisel gatherings galore. 

One of two workrooms in Chisel. Printers and Copiers will be found here. 

A view of “The Forge”.  You can see the stage under construction on the left and the open ceiling above. 

Private offices.  We have 23 planned in the current layout, with room for more in the future.