Chisel Featured in Online Coworking Article

Chisel Featured in Online Coworking Article

Chisel was featured in an article posted by Discover Coworking, an online platform that promotes growth and collaboration by cultivating a global coworking community. They focused on how our founders Tom Craig and Francis Hoang turned their law firm, FH+H, into a space for Corporate Lawyers to come practice law.

Read an excerpt from their article below!

Catering To Lawyers

The two had to think about how to use the extra space in their firm in a way that would not be disruptive to the other people already working there.  Unfortunately, Lawyers are slow to turn to coworking. This is because they need a certain amount of security and confidence that the people working around them have similar ethical obligations.

What Chisel does is provide members with the knowledge that everyone who works there is a lawyer.  This gives a host of professional responsibility that makes lawyers more comfortable in the space. They also provided services like: secure shredding in which documents were kept in a locked box and shredded by another provider, secure printing that does not allow a document to print until someone walks to the printer and types in their code, and conference spaces and private phone booths so that even if you are working at a shared desk you can have a private conversation.

Events and Networking

Chisel has multiple areas that can be used to host events.  This space uses events as venues to invite current and potential members to come and check out what they are doing.  The physical and logistical support Chisel provides is only part of the equation. Chisel also provides the opportunity to attend events, access the chisel network, and develop professional relationships.

The networking aspect of coworking has been essential to Chisel.  Everyone in the space knows that they are all lawyers.  Thus, they can talk to each other about what is going on in the industry.  Members are also able to cross-refer clients because of the diverse group of lawyers with expertise in different areas. However, Chisel is careful not to provide the kind of services that would result in lawyers of Chisel being affiliated with the law firm, FH+H, itself.  They make it very clear each lawyer is their own individual entity.

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