Who can join Chisel?

Chisel is resourced to serve the needs of lawyers and law firms. Lawyers must be active members in good standing of a State Bar. Paralegals, legal staff assistants, and legal secretaries are welcome to join Chisel, too, either as the full-time employee of a lawyer or as an independent contractor who works for lawyers on a part-time or as-needed basis.

What are the membership plans and how do they differ?

Please see our pricing page.

What is not included in my Chisel membership?

As a coworking space, we do not provide receptionist services, paralegal support, IT support, insurance, marketing, or associates, but we are happy to help you locate these resources.

Can multiple people share a Reserved Desk or Private Office?

Yes, but each additional user must have either a Virtual Membership plan (occasional user) or Flex Desk plan (regular user).

What if I want to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan anytime. Your bill will be prorated.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, you’ll receive 5% off your membership fee if you sign a contract and commit to 6 months of that membership. Please contact if you’re interested in a prepaid plan.

How is Chisel co-located with and hosted by FH+H?

FH+H lawyers and Chisel lawyers work out of the same space and share some common resources such as conference rooms, work rooms, event space, etc. However, the members of Chisel are not part of the FH+H law firm.

Can members access Chisel outside of normal business hours?

Yes. Members on plans that include 24/7 access to the office (Flex Desk, Reserved Desk, and Private Office memberships) will receive key cards granting access to the office outside of business hours. Note: The building only operates Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What are the nearest metro stops?

The Tysons Corner Metro Stop and Greensboro Metro Stop are each about a walking distance of 10 minutes.

How does parking work?

Limited free parking is located onsite at 1751 and 1753 Pinnacle Drive with additional street parking nearby. Parking passes for the parking garage at 1751 Pinnacle Drive may be available to purchase.

How can I be sure that client confidentiality is maintained?

Every member of Chisel is a lawyer or legal professional and is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. In addition, we provide dedicated work spaces (including Conference Rooms and Telephone Rooms) for you to use when working on or discussing client sensitive information. We also have Storage Lockers and Lockable Storage available to secure client-sensitive documents you wish to leave at Chisel. We offer secure document shredding to all Chisel members.

How do conference rooms and huddle rooms work?

Chisel has 5 conference and huddle rooms, ranging from capacities of 6 to 15 individuals, which can be reserved by any member using Bookings Credits. Each member receives an allotment of booking credits every month as part of their membership. Additional booking credits can be purchased.

Each conference room and huddle room has a display with wired and wireless projection capability and a Polycom speakerphone. Some rooms include white boards.

How does mail and package handling work?

Mail and package handling is a separate service available for an additional $75/month for Virtual Membership and Flex Desk plans and is included in the Reserved Desk and Private Office plans.

Members who have this service are assigned a mailbox in our in-office mail room and provided a key. Mail is delivered to mailboxes daily. If you have a package, you’ll receive a key in your mailbox that can be used to open a corresponding package locker. We will do our best to notify members of packages/certified mail, but you are responsible for checking for time-sensitive deliveries.

Members can also opt-in to our Mail Scanning service for $75/month. Members with this service are emailed a digital copy of their mail within one business day of receipt.

How do private phone lines work?

Private Office members have the option to purchase a private phone line for $60/month. Members with this service will receive an assigned direct dial number that rings to their office. Unanswered calls go to voicemail, which can be checked remotely. We unfortunately do not offer call answering services.

Do you have nitro coffee and beer on tap?

Oh yeah. But please drink responsibly.


Chisel is a collective noun for a group of lawyers. Also, it sounds cool.