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Whether you are the home office type or the “office is home” type, we’ve got you covered! Chisel understands the needs of lawyers and law firms. In addition to our membership plans, Chisel offers comprehensive mail services and conference and event services for your practice.

A Chisel membership is more than just a way of working. Your membership allows you to join our Chisel Network — providing you with opportunities to connect with fellow attorneys, find mentors, and enjoy many more benefits that will take your practice further.

Book a tour of your future office today! We offer both one-on-one virtual tours and in-person tours. 


The health and well-being of our members and staff are our highest priority. As part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic, only Mail & Address and Private Office membership plans are currently available.

To prevent the transmission of Covid-19, all members and visitors must follow our health and safety guidelines and other guidance issued by federal and local health authorities.

Membership Plans

Mail & Address Plan — $95/Month

Great for lawyers who need a virtual office address with mail handling services and occasional conference room space.

Plan Includes:

  • Mail and package handling services
  • Use of address for business purposes
  • Access to Chisel Network
  • Enjoy member’s rate for all conference bookings
  • Use of office amenities, such as fast Wi-Fi and printing, with conference booking or Day Pass

Popular Add-ons:

“Pay as you need” Day Pass — $50/Day

We will reserve a desk for your day in the office. Enjoy all of our office amenities — high-speed Wi-Fi, printing, coffee, snacks, craft beer, and more!

Personal Locker — $10/Month

Lock up your items, less to carry for your commute.

Mail Services — View Details

Maximize your efficiency with Chisel mail services, including forwarding, scanning, and mail processing (see details and pricing below).

Private Office Plan — $1,400+/Month

Highly customizable plan that will fit your needs just right. Great for small teams or solo practitioners.

Plan Includes:

  • One business-ready private office
  • 24/7 office access
  • Mail and package handling services
  • Use of address for business purposes
  • One garage parking pass
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Printer, copier, scanner
  • Secure document shredding
  • Access to Chisel Network
  • $250/month conference booking credit (5 hours)
  • Enjoy member’s rate for all additional conference bookings
  • Use of office amenities


Private Phone Line — $60/Month

A direct phone line set up in your office.

Mail Services — View Details

Maximize your efficiency with Chisel mail services, including forwarding, scanning, and mail processing (see details and pricing below).

Mail Services for Members

We know mail efficiency is important to legal practitioners. Chisel’s professional mail scanning, forwarding, and processing services allow you to access your mail promptly and securely. We ship your mail directly to you as is, scan PDF versions to your email, or both. You will not need to worry about missing a court notice next time you are out of town.

Mail Forwarding

Save the trip to pick up your mail. You can request us to ship all pieces in your mailbox to you. Typically arrives between 1-3 business days.

Small-batch Forwarding — $15/Forward

Suitable for light mail weeks. Typically fit up to 20 letters.

Regular Forwarding — $30/Forward

Fits your entire mailbox, including large envelopes and magazines. 

Overnight Forwarding, Package Forwarding, and Other Special Forwarding

Price varies. If you have specific shipping requirements (e.g., use a specific package carrier), we will try our best to accommodate and a surcharge may occur. 

Mail Scanning — $75/Month

We scan all of your mail as PDF documents and send them to your email within one business day of receipt. You can pick up the original copies from your mailbox. 

Mail Processing — $195/Month

Our premium mail service includes comprehensive mail sorting, scanning, and four free small-batch forwardings each month. We will scan each page (excluding any publications or binders) to your email. Then, let us know if you want the original copy to be forwarded in the mail to your address, kept in your mailbox, trashed, or shredded. You will also enjoy half-off on any Regular Forwarding.

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